You may have a number of questions you'd like to ask Mr Hughes, or a general query about certain terms used on these pages. If the question is a common one, you may find that it has already been answered here.

Q What about COVID?

All consultations are carried out within a clinic which adheres to strict PHE guidelines. You may be screened prior to entry to the hospital to minimise the risk to yourself and other patients/staff. If you require an operation the hospital is likely to ask you to self isolate for a period and undergo COVID testing 3 days before the procedure. These guidelines to change frequently and the hospital is constantly updating.

Q Where can I be treated?

A Mr Hughes sees NHS patients at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust but has a private clinic and operates at 'Spire Hospital Bristol-The Glen'.

Q How do I know my surgeon is experienced and qualified?

A All qualified surgeons should appear on the general medical council’s specialist list and should be glad to discuss their training and experience with you.

Q How soon can I be seen?

A Mr Hughes has one private clinic and one NHS clinic weekly and can usually see you for consultation privately within a week of your referral. On occasion, an ‘ad hoc’ appointment can be made by specialist request, if your problem is urgent.

Q Can I use my health insurance cover to be treated privately?

A Nearly all insurance companies will cover your consultation and treatment but any treatment will need to be approved by you insurer prior to starting the treatment. Many people do not realise that treatment such as wisdom tooth removal is covered by medical insurance. Our team can help you with this process.

Q How much will treatment cost?

A Costs of private treatment vary according to what you have done. Any treatment costs will be clearly explained to you at your initial consultation and a written quotation will be provided to you shortly afterwards.

Q What is 'a shortfall'?

A Some insurance companies will not fully cover the costs of your treatment and this varies according to what level of health cover you have. Any difference between the quotation and the insurance company refund is called ‘a shortfall’. This difference is usually funded by you and can be discussed prior to treatment.

Q What happens if I have a problem after surgery?

A We take care of you after any treatment and an emergency contact number is provided to ensure that you are backed up by our team, even out of hours.

Q Do you carry cosmetic facial surgery?

Mr Hughes no longer carries out cosmetic surgery


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