Testimonials from recent patients:


  • "After having been to two hospitals, two doctors and a dentist, I finally ended up seeing Ceri Hughes who quickly diagnosed an issue with my sub-mandibular salivary gland which needed to be removed. A consultant / surgeon needs to generate trust and rapport with a patient and Ceri does this effortlessly. His advice was clear, his care excellent and as a surgeon his skills are first class. He is spoken of very highly by others in and around his field. Within a few weeks I'd had my operation and couldn't be happier with the results. Would highly recommend." David Lee Nov 2017
  • "Flew to England from overseas especially to see Mr Hughes to resolve a long, traumatic and painful problem. So grateful to have found such a skilled surgeon who was able to answer all the questions (and there were many!) and determine a sensible course of action in order to fix the issue. Mr Hughes' skills as a surgeon certainly are superb - when you couple that with the personal care and attention he provides as well, you know you are in the best of hands. I highly recommend." LK September 2017
  • "First rate experience - saved my life. I was seen by a Maxillofacial consultant, Mr Ceri Hughes. He diagnosed my cancer and organised my treatment. I was in hospital for just short of a week, where Mr Hughes and his Colleague Professor Stephen Thomas operated on me. Very swift service, very friendly, hospital is clean and the staff that dealt with me were all superb. Over the past 5 years I have been to the hospital over 40 times for regular check ups with Mr Hughes and over the years nothing has changed with the service or the standard of the hospital! I'm now cancer free thanks to Mr Hughes, Professor Stephen Thomas and the team that looked after me. I think that says it all really!" Will N (UK) March 2017
  • "In June 2015 I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism despite having previously had a partial thryoidectomy (in 2000) for a nodular goitre. Before any consideration of further surgey it was necessary to pharmacologically treat the hyperthryoidism, unfortunately this resulted in serious liver complications, It therefore became a balancing act between the impact on my liver and reducing the thyroid levels sufficiently for safe surgery. The previous partial thryroidectomy also placed me at greater risk of complications during the surgery. Ceri Hughes was superb in explaining my options, the risks, and especially how to mitigate those risks - which inluded having an MRI scan to assess any scarring from the previous surgery. I was faced with a significant decision - whether to have surgery - or Iodine treatment, both of which had potential complications either for my liver or as a result of the previous surgery.However I always felt assured of the risks, Ceri listened to my concerns and was able to weigh up the alternatives as well as the contingency plans.I am delighted to say that the operation was a complete success, I am now on thyroxine replacement, have two small very neat scars on my neck - from each surgery - and had no compliactions at all after the surgery.Ceri's approach during consultaion, surgery and post op was always professional, honest and very human. I would recommend Ceri to anyone who has to undergo surgey of this kind. His skills as a surgeon are superb..."Sharon Baxter (UK) April 2017
  • "I was referred to Mr Hughes following a fractured jaw. He both fixed the original break and several years later removed the fixation plates at my request. His surgery has been flawless, and, importantly for me, his counselling of the factors surrounding surgery was clear and sympathetic. I would unhesitatingly recommend Mr Hughes to anyone in need of surgery on their jaw..."TO (Germany) March 2017
  • "From referral to diagnosis (of an oral carcinoma) Mr Hughes’s approach and that of his team was one of sympathetic understanding and the subsequent treatment and removal of the carcinoma was completely satisfactory.The post operative treatment and follow up appointments have been the same. Mr Hughes is a very knowledgeable professional in his field yet is very approachable and understanding.I have complete confidence in him and his team and have no hesitation in recommending him..."Jeff Griffiths (UK) April 2017
  • "I randomly selected Ceri Hughes to remove an impacted wisdom tooth, and feel extremely lucky that he was the surgeon I chose. He was extremely kind in fitting my initial appointment and surgery at a convenient time for me, and at very short notice. More importantly, he was very reassuring throughout and completely put me at my ease. Thank you Ceri Hughes..."Sophie D (UK) June 2107
  • "After various scans (including ultrasound and MRI), together with a biopsy, it was decided a thyroid lobectomy was required. Ceri Hughes walked through the process with me at each and every stage explaining all aspects very clearly, complete with pictures to aid understanding. This has significantly helped to make a difficult situation far easier to deal with.Thank you" Beverley Davies (UK) June 2017
  • "Mr Ceri Hughes removed 2 impacted wisdom teeth for me, in March 2017. He was professional throughout yet reassuring, calling on his own experience of having this procedure when needed. The surgery was a quick and easy procedure - just what I wanted. Healing has been easier than expected, a testament to Mr Hughes's work. I would not hesitate to recommend him... " Edward Naish (UK) April 2017