Wisdom Teeth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth is probably the most common operation I perform.  It should be a stress free experience which will relieve the worry that repeated problems from these teeth can cause.

Many patients aren't aware that the procedure is covered by medical health insurance on family or company policies.

Having wisdom teeth removed privately avoids the long delays for consultation and for surgery which for some, involves many months of waiting even prior to be placed on a waiting list. Check if you have insurance.

Private care is the only way to ensure surgery is carried out only by your surgeon, at a time and place which suits you.

The wisdom teeth are usually the last molar teeth to come through into the mouth and frequently cause symptoms of pain, swelling and bad taste. They may ache and cause a pressure sensation, some specialists agree it can worsen crowding of other teeth. They can get infected and can cause serious facial infections or lead to decay on the healthy teeth nearby which may then treatment.

Wisdom teeth can be easily assessed by your consultant, to decide whether they need removal.  A clinical examination is carried out and if you have not already had one an x-ray may be taken. 

The risks and benefits of any surgery should be fully explained to you and you can decide whether the teeth are removed under local anaesthesia (awake) or with a short general anaesthetic (asleep).

(This illustration shows typical position of imacted wisdom teeth likely to cause recurrent infections or decay on healthy teeth)

Following surgery it is normal to have swelling and discomfort. On rare occasions even if done by an expert, you make have complications. One of these can be numbness of the lip or tongue which is rare. Occasionally patients have infections treatable with simple antibiotics and bleeding can occur which is easily avaoided or managed with good post operative advice. 

To minimise your risks, Wisdom teeth should only be removed by a specialist trained in their removal, such as an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon.  Please call my secretary to arrange a consultation on 07918 892563, with usually no waiting time at all.